Workshops / Training Courses


Workshops will be offered to discuss various issues and concerns in developing countries related to the implementation of Sustainable Energy Technologies applications and local manufacturing. Additionally, two Training Courses are also offered during the confrence for engineers and researchers in the field of Sustainable Energy Systems.

The following workshops will be available at the conference:

Workshop I : Energy and water: The vital connection to Sustain Development
  Chairwoman: Dr. Shaden Abdel-Gawad
President of the Natinonal Water Resource Center (NWRC)

Description: The purpose of this workshop is to identify problems and methodologies that can realize sustainable development goals through integration of water resource management and renewable energy. In addition, different application for renewable energy technologies in developing countries will be explored and effective technology transfer methods will be presented. Studies of option and systems capable of creation of a more self-sufficient, renewable energy-based and socially enriching life are a major focus of this workshop.

Workshop II : Nuclear – Electric Power Generation: Economics & Technology issues and Development & safety and Environmental impact.
Description: The continuous increase in the world demand could result in a devastating implication on all aspects of our current way of life due to limitation of fossil fuel reserves and the negative impact of their use. Among the options under consideration to retrofit our energy base is nuclear power, Nuclear Power currently provides 16 percent of the global energy mix and it is expected to reach 27 percent by year 2030. However, there are several issues related to security, nuclear fuel processing and supply technology transfer, and transportation-safety entailed in moving nuclear waste to be addressed before a sensible decision can be made. The attendee will be provided with fundamental understanding of different approaches and various solutions will be discussed.
The following Training Courses are offered :
Training Course I: Photvoltaic Systems: Design & Applications.
Training Course II: Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Climate Recovery.
Detailes of the courses contents will be posted later.