ISEET offers various interdisciplinary programs addressing energy and environmental issues and provide the necessary tools : 

Business Development
  • Development of new Programs and Products to support economical and social development in the Middle East & Africa, especially in remote regions. 

  • Implementation and Management of Projects for energy generation transmission, increasing efficiency, and reducing pollution resulting from energy generation and utilization.  

  • Consulting and technology transfer services in the areas of system's manufacturing, building sites for energy generation, and managing production facilities.

  • Collaboration with the industrial, financial and governmental institutes in information transfer and the implementation of the national and local energy strategy. 

  • Participation in the planning and designing programs to develop new energy sources and to improve the economics of utilizing them.
Research & Development
  • Collaboration with industrial institutes, research centers and universities to develop and improve performance of energy utilization and environmental protection facilities and equipment. 

  • Participation in projects and applied research programs for the purpose of developing a strategy for using conventional energy sources, as well as finding substitutes. 
  • Establishment of a research and characterization laboratories for renewable energy application. 
  • Development of information bank for energy and environmental technology.
Education & Training
  • Graduate level courses in energy management, energy efficiency, and the development of conventional and renewable resources of energy.

  • Training Courses in reducing the environmental impact of conventional energy sources, including programs for management and containment at factories and energy generation sites.

  • Training Programs aimed at developing a core of technically competent professionals in the area of design, operation and installation of various energy systems utilizing energy from multiple sources.